"My ideas usually come not at my desk writing but in the midst of living." Anais Nin

Finally, admit :)

That’s how today post is named. I write this because these days were some “wake up call days for me”. I was walking on one alley beside the lake with music in my headphones and suddenly started to smile as soon as I saw so many couples hand in hand even though outside were 8-9 Celsius degrees.

Despite all that we say, you sons of nature mean a lot for us. It’s the truth. Cause this very independence that we like to  call our own, the reason why we argue and we go even through hell to achieve it, the reason why we are doing this is of course, you. You are challenging us.

Women, as human being are weak; we are the soul of the relationship. Yours and ours.  You are the strength, the power and the force. And we are jealous. We are trying so desperate to be like you. We try to behave like nothing matters to us, like we are not hurt, the same way that we think that men does. The truth is that we lie to ourselves every day on each kind of “move”.  For despite all the speculation, you are the same, but … hmm how to say it … Anonymous? Or hidden.

It took me a while to study this subject on people, friends or strangers on  the walk, but somehow, this article it’s about you and about the things that women love. And men as well.

So here it is, ten points for men:

We love the fact that you give us protection when we need it the most. A strong-arm behind our shoulders it’s all a woman needs sometimes.Protection

We love to learn to cook for you, to burn all kind of things only for a plate of good food in order to keep your stomach healthy and fed.

We love the fact that there is romance in the cookingroom only when there are two people under the roof.

We love you because when a terrible day ends and we come home exhausted from work, you guys, with understanding attitude and a gentle massage, makes us forget about all the crap from outside the walls.

We love the fact that even if we adore speed and adrenaline, walking with you at twilight it’s like a walk on the red carpet.

We love you for tgym bunhe effort that you apply when you try to convince our parents that you are the very best shot that every woman ( and parent of their daughter) would like to have.

We love the way you appear tired but while pulsing, sweating at home, arriving from the gym.

We love you for the way that you try to hide the “weight” carrying our luggage.


We love the sweet words you speak while you sleep, or the snoring :))).

We love the fact that instead arguing with us you chose to silence us with kisses that means all the excuses possible.


Here’s to you


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