"My ideas usually come not at my desk writing but in the midst of living." Anais Nin


I’ve seen you before, still I can’t remember when and where. It’s like my mind and body reject the fact that you are unknown for me. Cause I’ve meet you before. Maybe in here, or not; maybe there or in another city/ place/ space. Maybe life? I still think that all that “ other life stuff” is full of crap.

So how to manage to explain myself the fact that our bodies vibrate from the energy that our closure makes. Every step I take, it’s like I’m imitating you. Or is it you that imitates me? Shit. I’ve became a lunatic. I see you, you see me. I smile, you smile. We even found ourselves drinking coffee or smoking the cigar in the same time. Like kissing. Feeling. Tempting each other.  So how is it possible to even text in the same time. That’s full crazy.2012_58016_155415

I’m denying all the creepy moves and focus on the fact that I’m not going to refuse your presence. It comforts me. Makes my mood warm, protected and wanted. It’s you the reason why I’ve loosed myself in limbo. I conscious accepted the fact that waking with the sun playing in your curly hair, right beside me is the very best thing that it could happen to me.

Sometimes, I feel that from your eyes, the blue ocean is reversing. So I lose myself. Cause your body, between empty spaces is the shelter of a young soul that reminds me that I exist.

You have the whole pack of cards in your hands but you don’t know the purpose. This is how it feels like when you go out of ideas but full of insignificant thoughts to color your life.

You become childish, stupid and accomplished. And it’s fun. It really is. Your age tells you that you have responsibilities, that maybe there is some crazy boss out there, at the office that will drive you crazy all day long but that doesn’t matter anymore. After 8 full hours of work the only thing that you expect and want to receive is a hug, a kiss and a perfect company.



For Emily, Canada

Thank you for your e-mail dear.


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This entry was posted on January 4, 2016 by in Life,friends , family.
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