"My ideas usually come not at my desk writing but in the midst of living." Anais Nin



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I’ve seen you before, still I can’t remember when and where. It’s like my mind and body reject the fact that you are unknown for me. Cause I’ve meet you … Continue reading

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It was day and she thought about it.

It was night but it does not make any difference. Last month, last week, yesterday, today and certainly will be tomorrow. It seemed like every boy that her amber eyes … Continue reading

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We like to think about ourselves as of rational creatures, human being, conscientious, civilized, who care about those around them. But when things start to go to hell, even just … Continue reading

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Finally, admit :)

That’s how today post is named. I write this because these days were some “wake up call days for me”. I was walking on one alley beside the lake with … Continue reading

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Stelele care cad , nu pier Stelele care cad , se duc pe un alt cer..

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Cineva a spus ca moartea nu poate aduce cea mai mare pierdere. Desi stim ca se va intampla candva ,  ca face parte din ciclul vietii…

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Let it go…

The untold stories are said as untold not just because it’s a secret but because it’s better like that, as a beautiful or worst forbidden thing of each and every … Continue reading

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The last few months have taught him that something had happen, something that you only begin to know at the moment you lose it. So, he could love her desperately, … Continue reading

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Lily-“parte din intreg”-The blink of an eye- the story of you

The most beautiful love stories are not found in books or movies or plays…. but in the eyes of every man on the street, the endless queues of a cashier’s … Continue reading

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Where beauty begins

There is no need for any of my comments of ideas. This is all you need to know. And it will be perfect!

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