"My ideas usually come not at my desk writing but in the midst of living." Anais Nin

Me, you and everyone else

Okay, so sometimes even the best of us make rash decisions … bad decisions that we know from the beginning we will regret in time, in minutes. I mean, I cannot totally regret it, because in fact, I tried to do something. But still something inside us decides to do something crazy, something that we know it will probably turn against us. Yet we do. What I wanted to say is that … we receive what we give. What goes around comes around. It’s destiny. And the way we manage the destiny sucks. In one way or another, our destiny let us face our own. We can look fate in the eye or we can let it sneak behind our backs. Somehow or another, we will always find destiny. And the truth is that we have far more chances than others to tip the balance in our favor. No matter how much we t13714377_1344962088864829_516052095_nry, we cannot run away from fate. Following us home. I think we cannot really complain about our fate. It’s not unfair, it’s not unexpected. Only, keeping the balance. And even when we know we’ll do something that will cause turning against our fate. It does not even need to explain. We do it anyway.

We have to experience every mistake. We learn every lesson. We have to be able to sweep under the rug today, tomorrow until we finally understand ourselves. We come into the world alone and we leave alone. But for everything that happens in the remaining time, we owe it to ourselves to find our company. We need help, we need support. Otherwise we are alone, strangers .. without regard to others. And we forget … how connected we are. So we prefer to choose love, life, and for a moment we feel a little less alone. Defeat is not an option. There should be no giving up until much after last breath. Word terminal is a challenge. Life threatening expression, that’s what makes us get up from bed. We are not easy to intimidate. We are  made not to fight in retreat and in no way with surrendering our weapons. At least not in front of everyone. To do your job you must believe that defeat is not an option for you, that whatever obstacles we meet there is a shred of hope for you. But even when our hopes are dashed by the harsh reality and must surrender arms in front obviously means only that … You’ve lost a battle and not the war. Surrendering weapons thing is that once you’ve done it, you forgot the reason why it has begun.






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This entry was posted on July 15, 2016 by in Life,friends , family.
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