"My ideas usually come not at my desk writing but in the midst of living." Anais Nin

a draft

Today, you’ve changed. Even if you do not believe that people changes, somehow you’ve managed to do that.  Cause everything has started a few years ago, when you’ve had no … Continue reading

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Sweet touch of bodies, madness of the feeling, guilty of the pleasure. There are some times when you think that the obvious must be forbidden for not knowing it. Cause … Continue reading

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Me, you and everyone else

Okay, so sometimes even the best of us make rash decisions … bad decisions that we know from the beginning we will regret in time, in minutes. I mean, I … Continue reading

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hide and seek

There are times when we encourage ourselves to lie. But not to the others. To us. Because sometimes lying is better than admitting that we have been wrong or we … Continue reading

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Say you do

Just say that you miss me, and do not worry about the damage that you’ll might see after the words come off your tongue because that is only an illusion. … Continue reading

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It hurts so bad not knowing what’s happening to me. I’m thinking, and thinking… I’m thinking about you and I can’t manage to remember. I’m struggling to remember at least … Continue reading

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Every woman has the exact love life that she wants. And maybe you will ask me back as soon as you read this first sentence if I honestly believe that … Continue reading

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Black in colors

    In a moment of weakness filled with shots of absinthe and martini glasses she remembers him. Like nothing bad would had happen, feeling the kiss of his dry … Continue reading

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Stefan- another sight- ” Parte din intreg”

“It’s been a while since I’ve tried to get over it.  Not much but still I’ve decided that I don’t have to love anyone at the moment. Just get free … Continue reading

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